How to Decorate a Tiny Apartment

When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many ways to express your style, no matter the size of your living space. From painting the walls to adding furniture, the ideas are endless and allow plenty of room for creativity. Now, if you’re stuck with a tiny apartment to decorate, it doesn’t have to be a struggle to get it the way you want. Even though your space may be cramped, your options are not! Here are some tips for fitting lots of style into your tiny apartment.

In order to set a mood for each room in your apartment; it helps to paint the walls. Of course you will want to check the specific policies for this with your leasing office before you buy paint. Many allow you to choose a color of your liking so long as you paint the walls back to the original color prior to moving out. Countless studies have actually been done to show how color can impact overall mood, so keep this in mind when choosing the theme for each room. If you’d like to make your living room cozy, colors like various shades of tan and purple work great. Now, if you’d like to create an energetic kitchen, colors like yellows and earth tone greens can do the trick. Paint can really transform a room and help you customize it to your liking.


In order for your apartment to feel cozy and to have an “at home” feel, you will want to cover the walls with your favorite decorations, photos or paintings. From hanging decorative clocks, picture frames and even sconces, you can really dress up your apartment without taking up too much room. The great thing about this tip is that decorating doesn’t take up extra space in these situations since you are merely adding on to the wall.

Since your apartment is on the smaller side, your furniture will have to be smaller as well. Find furniture sets with smaller tables and smaller loveseats so that your apartment can appear larger than it is. You can often find package deals at your local furniture store or even online in order to save on the costs and compare all the different sets that are available at the time. When it comes to decking out your kitchen, you may want to consider getting a smaller, personal sized coffee brewer, like the Keurig machine for example. This will take up less space in your kitchen while still giving you a great coffee shop inspired taste.

Though you may be crunched for space, you can set up certain areas in your home to be dedicated to storage. By utilizing your space better and staying organized, you will find that you don’t need that much space after all. For instance, you could use really nice shelving units with the baskets in them to store things or you could organize your closets to hold more by using hanging storage bins.

You may also want to stack certain things in order to save space. From stacking your washer and dryer to buying furniture that is stackable, you can create more space and avoiding wasting more space.

As you can see, there are some great tips to take into consideration when looking to decorate your apartment. Whether large or small, any space can be decorated and can be eventually turned into what you’d like.

Molly Banks is a design columnist and blogger.  She writes about home design and apartment living on design blogs as well as sites for companies like Starlight Investments.

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