Your Very Own ‘Playground’

“Let’s go to the playground today!” As a parent, you know that summer days are the most exciting when spent at the park. Your kids can fill their days with make believe adventures, physical activity, and fresh air. Yet, you also know that a daily trip to the neighborhood playground isn’t always possible with busy schedules. Creating your own backyard ‘playground’ allows you to bring your child’s favorite parts of the park to your own home. Here are the Top Five playground items to help you get started building your own dream ‘playground’.

#1 – The Slide – For years the slide has been a popular choice for children as well as the whimsical adult. This is the spot on the playground that will have the largest group of kids. Children love climbing up to the top and showing their … Read the rest

Tips for the Upcoming Spring Cleaning Season

The mild winter we’re enjoying this year is a hopeful reminder that spring is just around the corner. Soon the return of sunny days and warm temperatures will motivate you to tackle the annual spring cleaning season. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to dig in and clean up your outdoor lawn and garden areas while eliminating rubbish and unsightly clutter.


  • Organize the garage by putting frequently-used spring and summer tools in accessible locations. Install shelves on which to hang tools with handles, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers. Include shelving for containers to hold smaller items, like drill bits, nails, etc. Sort everything you are storing in the garage to get rid of unused items, like the kids’ old torn wading pool or the rusty saw that a neighbor gave you.
  • Set aside the larger
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How to Decorate a Tiny Apartment

When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many ways to express your style, no matter the size of your living space. From painting the walls to adding furniture, the ideas are endless and allow plenty of room for creativity. Now, if you’re stuck with a tiny apartment to decorate, it doesn’t have to be a struggle to get it the way you want. Even though your space may be cramped, your options are not! Here are some tips for fitting lots of style into your tiny apartment.

In order to set a mood for each room in your apartment; it helps to paint the walls. Of course you will want to check the specific policies for this with your leasing office before you buy paint. Many allow you to choose a color of your liking so … Read the rest

Reasons to Seek Alcohol Treatment

You don’t have to be falling down drunk all of the time in order to seek alcohol treatment at a rehab center. There are all kinds of people at different stages of addiction who realize they have a problem and ask for help before things really get out of hand. Here are a few reasons you may seek help at a treatment center.

Daily drinker

Do you absolutely need a few drinks in order to get through the day? Do you sneak a drink on lunch and count the hours until you can have your next? You don’t have to be intoxicated all the time in order to have an alcohol problem. If you feel that alcohol is slowly taking over your life, then you may way to seek treatment at a rehab center.

Party binger

Do you have to … Read the rest