6 Ways Solar Energy is Being Used in Business

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly way to power your business, but how is it being used? Solar energy not only reduces the need for other forms of power. Here are the top six ways businesses are making solar energy work for them.

1. Solar heaters

These have been used in businesses everywhere to heat water. California currently has more of them than anywhere else. These heaters are cost effective because the sun warms the water in pipes directly. This is one of the oldest forms of solar energy, and it has been becoming even more popular today.

2. Heat the buildings
Heaters powered by the sun are quickly becoming popular with businesses. Instead of burning gas or spending money on electric heaters, businesses are using solar heaters to provide their buildings with heat. This heat is also much less dangerous than gas powered heat. The reason is solar heat does not produce the dangerous gas carbon monoxide. This increases the safety and well-being for everyone working there.

3. Solar Lights
Many businesses don’t want to pay high electric bills for their lights. Some of them have invested in solar lighting. These are lights that absorb solar energy while the sun is out, then when the sun has set they use the energy provided to light up the building. This is mainly used for exterior lights and parking lots, but it is a simple solution saving money and being environmentally friendly.

4. Solar Cells
Some business completely supply all their power needs by using photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb the energy of the sun and store it like a battery. When there is a need for energy the power stored in these cells for everyday uses for a business. Many companies even invest in solar panel installer training for themselves since it is a profitable skill to learn.

5. Plug in vehicles
Businesses that need to operate some transportation on their properties are using electric vehicles that are powered by solar energy. These vehicles run much quieter than gas and diesel vehicles. They help cover the transportation needs without adding additional gas bills to the business.

6. Natural Solar Lighting
This lighting does not even seem like a use of solar energy but it is. Businesses are putting in skylights on their top floors, or even throughout retail location. The use of sky lights has cut down on the need to use electric lighting. By utilizing natural sunlight businesses have also given their location a softer more welcoming feel.

Emily is an environmental enthusiast and also a contributing writer for residentialsolarpanels.org which helps educate the public about solar panels for homeowners.

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