The Tools of the Trade in Home Remodeling

Undertaking a home remodeling project is a big decision. As a homeowner, you weigh the costs versus the benefits of a potentially long and messy process. You worry about disrupting your family’s routines while construction occurs. Fortunately, you can limit home remodeling difficulties when your team includes a construction manager. Let’s review why this is important:

What does a construction manager do?

As the leader of your project, he/she verifies that all the work required to complete the job is carried out correctly and efficiently. Construction managers see the project through from start to finish. They schedule, coordinate, and hire the necessary workers for the job and make sure those workers have the appropriate skills and attitude. Your manager uses a variety of tools to confirm that your project runs smoothly, and, very importantly, stays on budget.

What happens after we hire a home remodel team?

First and foremost, a good construction manager will spend plenty of time with you to understand exactly what you want and can afford, resulting in an agreed-upon scope of work. Then, he/she will prepare the necessary documents, including plans and product specifications for new installations. The manager will make sure that any city or county construction permits required are obtained. Once the planning process is complete, remodeling can begin.

What tools does the construction manager use to track and manage my home remodeling project?

Some put together a construction manual that includes the contract, any change orders, project timeline, purchase orders and a detailed scope of work. This client-specific notebook helps the construction manager and his/her team to better assist and inform you throughout the project. The notebook typically includes all drawings and daily job tracking. It often includes budget spreadsheets so you are kept informed of ongoing costs.

But in this computer age, the tools of the trade for many construction managers utilize construction management software. Some are program-based; others are web-based or even use cloud technology. Some allow the construction team anywhere, anytime access from mobile platforms such as iPhones, iPads and Androids. Most include features such as project scheduling, project/construction management, customer and service management, project estimators, and budget tracking.

When you’re ready for a home remodel, make sure your team includes a construction manager with the right tools of the trade to get your job done on time and on budget.


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