Controlling Your Online Reputation

In the past people shared information through the newspaper and actual conversation. Today, most information is shared through the Internet. It is where we go to read the latest news headlines, shop for products, and read reviews. For this reason it is important that businesses and individuals have control over their online reputations. Because once something is posted online—good or bad—it is there to stay.

Online reputation management is important for businesses because the first place that most people go when they are looking for a company is the Internet. All it takes is one angry client, one bad post to taint your businesses reputation. Utilizing social media, micro-sites, and establishing a solid online presence can go a long way toward protecting your online reputation.

Individuals, especially business professionals, need to be very aware of their online reputation as well. … Read the rest

What to Look For in a Data Center

In the past data centers were used by large corporations to house centralized databases and other proprietary or sensitive data. They were also used as backup facilities in the case of fire or other damage to the main office. With the advent of cloud computing, smaller organizations are starting to see the benefits of locating their computer technology offsite. Data centers that specialize in serving multiple clients — from medium-sized companies down to the smallest businesses — are becoming much more common.

If a company is considering contracting with a data center, they are going to want to consider several important factors. In major cities there will be more options, making it harder to choose between Las Vegas Data Centers, etc. While price may be an important factor, it should never be the only consideration. Data centers should have excellent … Read the rest

SEO & Reputation Management for Individuals

The Internet has truly become the information super-highway. Breaking news and information is passed around and shared within minuets of its release. Social media sites and blogging have opened up the Internet to a much broader base of users. Now anyone can easily go online and share their thoughts and opinions on just about anything. For most individuals this of no consequence. Unless you are looking for product reviews, it doesn’t really matter. However for those who are in the public spotlight, like politicians, or business owners this could present problems.

One of the key roles of a politician is dealing with controversy. Whether it at work or on the campaign trail, there will always be people who disagree. No matter which way you lean — conservative or liberal — you can’t agree with everyone and you can’t make everyone … Read the rest

What to do with Negative Publicity

Everyone has a bad review once in a while. The larger the company the more of them you will have. Some customers are more tech savvy than others and what had the potential to just be a bad review may become overblown and become a full on PR disaster . While this is every company’s nightmare, there are companies that can help in these cases. There are also a few things you can do to cut down on the negativity and sometimes you can even turn it into a positive experience for your company.

First of all, before you do have any negative publicity make sure that you have a process in place. It is even better if you already have an online reputation management campaign in process because then it will make the rest of these steps easier. It … Read the rest